The Root Intrusion Solution – RootX

1. Unique Foaming Action
RootX is a non-systemic, patented chemical root control formula. This means it only kills the roots with which it comes in contact, not the tree or plant itself. The active ingredient, Dichlobenil, will not only kill roots but will also prevent their re-growth for up to one year. RootX is the #1 environmentally safe, easy to use, root killer on the market today.

2. How does RootX work?
RootX is packaged as two dry powder components in one container. When these components come in contact with water, they create a sticky foam that fills the entire pipe, coating the roots and pipeline surfaces with a special formula. RootX leaves a residue above the water line that continues to kill roots and inhibits new growth for up to 12 months.

3. RootX saves money –
RootX can be used with or without mechanical root cutting equipment. Some situations such as heavy root blockage will require mechanical removal of roots. Mechanical removal is an excellent short term solution. However, if the roots are cut and left untreated (just like pruning a tree or bush), they will eventually come back bigger and stronger. This process will eventually destroy a sewer line and require it to be excavated and replaced. The replacement of a sewer line would cost much more than an annual treatment with RootX. When it comes to sewer and drain cleaning, D&R is here to help save you money where we can and we are interested in your long term happiness.

RootX is the safe, simple, effective solution to pipeline root intrusion.


RootXRootX® makes it easy to kill roots in residential sewer lines, storm pipes and septic systems. And it’s guaranteed to keep them root-free for 12 months. The patented RootX formula foams on contact with water to reach the top of the pipe where 90% of the roots are. Degreasing agents strip away grime so the RootX herbicide can penetrate the roots, killing them on contact. RootX AfterRootX is non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic, and it contains no diquat dibromide, copper sulfate or metam sodium. RootX will not harm pipes, septic systems or above-ground vegetation.
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